hurt & heart

Hurt and heart, only two letters apart.

It is really something to me who comes to you when they know you are going through something - something hard, even if it was the right choice - and who actively chooses not to be bothered. I have always learned the most about people during these times. I have learned through the years not to ask people for help, to talk, because who genuinely cares? I was told a long time ago that if someone is actively aware of your pain, your struggles, and don’t offer a hand, then don’t ask them for help. They will come to you. Those people surprise me, because it’s always who I least expect.


one time i went to see my grandma in the hospital when she was just waking up from surgery and the first thing she said (really feebly) was “neil… what does… your shirt say” and i had to say “skate and destroy” in front of the nurse and my whole family

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i don’t even get angry anymore everything bad that happens just makes me sigh and feel tired

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drugs? no thanks, the only “high” i need is the natural rush you get from committing a murder.

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